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Candy Vending Machine Entrepreneurs in the News

Read below about successful vending machines business ventures in the news. Vending machine business opportunities have transformed the lives of countless individuals. Our candy vending machine customers tell the stories of how one simple move towards a vending machines business changed their lives, giving them the financial freedom and stability they always wanted.

The candy vending machine business is a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States alone. At U-Turn, we have been helping individuals start their own vending machines business both domestically and abroad in places such as Australia, Canada and Mexico.

Our innovative candy vending machine products feature attractive, colorful designs to entice customers and include an easy inventory control device to help you track your product costs.

Read how ordinary people just like you took advantage of our vending machine business opportunities and services and are experiencing success and financial stability.

Article by Bridey Orth

Turn A Profit Every Day

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Article by Bridey Orth

Turning Quarters Into Thousands

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Article appeared on www.coinoptoday.com

Production is Revolutionizing the Vending Industry

The world of vending's often quoted motto “Work smarter not harder” is epitomized with...

p-suc_shaddix.jpg (28704 bytes)

Statesman Journal
Article written by Shawna Rorem

Sweet Deal For Small Vendor

With low overhead, Earl Shaddix is making twice as much with his vending machines as he did driving a bus. If someone catches Earl Shaddix...

p-suc_callis.jpg (21956 bytes)

Home Business Connection
Article written by Carla A. Cipriano

Ex-School Teacher Earns $100,000+

Elementary school teacher and single father Jeff Callis wasn't looking for a way to get rich. He just wanted...

Spare Time

Goal of Being a Stay-at-Home Mother Leads to Successful Home-based Business

After moving to Salt Lake City from Boston in 1990...

Article written by Chris Jones/IBLV Staff

America's vending machines poised to crank out profits

Unlike most industries, vending machine operators tend to benefit from...

Salt Lake Tribune
Article written by Marilyn G. Sanders

Entrepreneur's motto, have candy will travel

Before Kathy Ruggiero started her own vending company, Mountain States Enterprises, she had done a little bit...

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